Office  Locations:

My office is located in downtown Charleston at 215 East Bay St., Suite 201-D, Charleston, SC  29401.  It is almost on the corner of East Bay and Market Sts. in the historic district and directly across the street from the Customs House.  The building is called “The Maritime Building” (not to be confused with the Maritime Center) and has a pub called Mac’s Place and a restaurant called Tsunami on the first floor.  The office is on the second floor, and the building has handicap accessibility.  As you get off the elevator on the 2nd floor, take a right and another right and go down towards the end of the hall.  You will see a door with my name on it at Suite 201-D.

I also have a Summerville office at 122 Alicia Dr. (off Central Avenue). To get there, take Exit 199-A onto Hwy 17-A South (also known as Main Street); then go 1.2 mile and turn right at a light onto W. 9th North Street (there is a BB&T Bank there on the corner) then take your first left onto N. Cedar St. Stay on that road for about 3 miles, and it actually becomes Central Avenue. You will pass a Food Lion Shopping center on your right, and then a Burger King on your right, and a little past that you will see Central Veterinary Hospital on your right, where you will take a right onto Alicia Drive which winds around to the right, past a trucking company. 122 Alicia Drive is the first house on the left, clearly marked with house number 122. It is a beige house on your left with 122 on the mailbox, porch column and on the house and a sign that says “The Cottage”. You will also see a handicap ramp and handicap spaces.

Office Hours:

Regular appointments are scheduled between 9am-6pm Monday through Friday.  Saturday appointments are available on a limited basis.

Additonal Contact Numbers:

Facsimile:     (843) 723-8002 (and press SEND when message comes on)

Cell/Pager:   (843)  834-7859

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